Cranston Dean's Cohorts:

Riley Schiro (Guitar) - "Mr. Riley" has been making his guitar scream with the band since 2013. He can be heard on all 3 full-lengths!

Ike Gutierrez (Bass) - "Ike Boy" has been laying down the low end in the band since 2011. He is heard on all 3 full albums and can be seen on Thriving Era's "Pretty Good Podcast"
Shane Luckenbaugh (Drums) - Shane has been playing in the band off and on since 2011. He is the drummer on "Tried & True". On top of it, he has his solo project Slpmnstr and plays with American Trappist.

Tyler Harrison (Videographer) - Ty has been apart of the band since 2012. He is the founder of Thriving Era, a viewing platform for original art and ideas. He has traveled with the band to every stop we make and has been a part of every album I have made.

Pat Noon (Producer) - Pat is a f*cking wizard....... He has recorded and produced all three full-length albums at Eightsixteen Recording Studios in Bayville, NJ.

George Bernacchi (Producer) - George is a producer/audio engineer working out of Eightsixteen. Aside from his help as an engineer, it is a little known fact that George also serves as a vocal stand in for Cran, when his vocal chords are lazy....
Amy Beth Addison (Artist) - Amy has created the album covers for all 3 full-lengths. She has an incredibly successful design business called "Amy Beth Designs" based out of London, UK.

Alex Mackenzie (Artist) - Alex has been traveling with, booking, and designing for the band for the past year.

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